domingo, 17 de abril de 2011


Everything is restless in my heart
Suddenly i'm scared to be apart
The days are dark when you're not around
The air is getting hard to breathe
I wish that i could go to sleep

Loving you is suicide
I'm tryna to keep myself alive
Knowing there's a chance it's all too late

That's why i'm loving you when you're not here
                                                                                     Feels like i drown in your every word
And every breath that's in between

Somehow you got me where it really hurts
It's killing every part of me

Loving you is suicide
But i'm still determined to fight
And i know it's taking all my strength
To give emotions alive

Even knowing that my world's about to break

11 comentários:

isa disse...

olá :)
convido-a a visitar o meu blog de bijuteria/artesanato:

Cátiia Bandeira disse...

Espera pelo proximo episodio (a)

Cátiia Bandeira disse...

amanha (a)

Sara Pereira disse...

As imagens já dizem tudo .
Minha Daniela *.*

Cátiia Bandeira disse...

ja é o final (a)

Cátiia Bandeira disse...

a minha ideia era essa mas foi para ser diferente :)

Ana Luísa disse...

que bonito!

tânialopes! disse...


Ana Luísa disse...

não, porquê? ;o

Ana Luísa disse...

pois, só pode xD

Cristyna disse...

obrigada princesa , tambem já estou a seguir o teu $:

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